About Spirit Releasing


Using our Spirit Releasing therapy we aim to cleanse and clear the body, mind and spirit to eliminate obsolete or unwanted ties from unhealthy negative influences and spirit possession, bringing back balance and harmony into your life. Space Clearing work can also be carried out to clear homes/spaces of resident negative energies that may be affecting the occupants.

Have you had personal experience of the following:



Recurring dreams or nightmares
  * Anxiety/Stress
  * Mood Swings
  * Memory problems
  * Poor concentration
  * Depression
  * Bereavement
  * Loss of someone/something important to you
  * Feeling of hurt
  * Shock
  * Feeling isolated from people/the world in general
  * Panic attacks
  * Multiple personality disorders
  * Been in hospital and/or had an anaesthetic and felt "different" afterwards
  * Behavioural characteristics that are not normal for you, noticed by family/friends
  * Sudden onset of addictions to food, alcohol or drugs
  * Obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviour
  * Thoughts that someone or something is preventing you from moving forward in your life
  * Vivid daydreams which make you feel disorientated and/or spaced out
  * Ailments that refuse to clear
  * Aggression which is totally out of character
  * Suspicion that something supernatural is going on in your life
  * Awareness of paranormal activities
  * Worry that you may be possessed or being overshadowed spiritually
  * Persistent and non-responsive conditions
  * Loss of energy for no apparent reason
  * Feelings akin to being "taken over" by someone or something
  * A frightening experience when using an Ouija board
  * Concerns that you may have a spirit attachment
  * Feeling that you are the victim of a curse, vow, upsetting verbal contract or threat
  * Hearing white noise
  * Subject of psychic attack
  * Been in or witnessed an accident, death or trauma
  * Thoughts of death/suicide
  * Impulsive behaviour

Any of the above can be having a negative influence on your life and could be a drain on health, causing energy loss and, in some cases, even lead to depression or serious illness, if not cleared.