About Spirit Releasing


Ghosts like that of Ann Boleyn who has been seen to walk in parts of Hampton Court Palace and marching Roman soldiers in the York area are well documented. However, spirits/ghosts can also visit everyday homes and places. Sometimes sensitive people are aware of them, seeing, hearing or having an awareness of strange things happening in the home or place of work.

Spirits sometimes decide to stay in a building because it may have previously been their home and they feel comfortable there. The building may not be the original home but occupies the site or land as it was in their time. It may be that they like the current residents or they are hiding while they try to work out what has happened to them. Some spirits/ghosts do not even realise they are dead and wander around trying to make people hear, see or notice them.

Occasionally when people relocate, the spirits go with them, unbeknown to their hosts. The deceased on occasion are invited in, usually by a surviving loved one, maybe on an unconscious level, because they cannot bear to be parted. Certain places such as graveyards really do attract spirits/ghosts.

Young children and animals are much more likely to see spirits/ghosts because they do not have preconceived ideas with regard to the paranormal. It is possible for spirits/ghosts to affect the television and radio reception or make lights flicker to call attention to their presence or to frighten people. It has been known for small objects to disappear and then reappear later in a different place.

Spirits/ghosts possess people when there is a chink in their spiritual armour, which is the energy field around the body, usually called the aura. The quality of the aura depends on the state of one's spiritual, mental and physical health. Arguments, depression, fear and jealousy can all slow down the vibrational rate of the aura. Alcohol and drugs have the can have the same affect. When the aura vibrates at a lower frequency than the vibrational frequency of the spirits/ghosts, it allows them entry into your personal space. This can result in people experiencing one or more of the contra-indications listed previously.

We use Spirit Releasing therapy and Space Clearing to rid people and buildings of spirit possession. These processes ensure that any spirits/ghosts are sent to the light, unlike exorcism where they are usually just moved on to lodge with another person or place.