About Spirit Releasing


Thoughts, emotions and past events can leave their energy imprint on the place where the experience occurred. We clear homes and buildings of negative upsetting energies, ghosts, bad karma, curses and bad omens, etc., that may have invaded your space. We always take them to the light, allowing them to go onward on their natural progression.

Negative thoughts and emotions of the people living in the household build up and produce energy. People are more susceptible to the subtle influences of their environment than they realise even though they cannot usually verbalise these feelings.

With our Space Clearing for homes and buildings, we work psychically through the rooms releasing any entities to the light. A Space Clearing can leave the area feeling fresh and uncluttered, bringing the sparkle and love back to your premises.

Have you noticed any of the following in your home or place of business:



An "atmosphere" that you cannot explain
  * An awareness of ghostly activity in certain parts of your home or workplace
  * Bad odours, rather like rotting vegetation without an understandable origin
  * Inexplicable noises (knocks or raps), voices or crying in the home
  * An awareness of possible poltergeist activity in your home or workplace
  * Activities that suggest your home or workplace is haunted
  * Some areas of your home or workplace feel inexplicably cold
  * Objects are moved in your home or workplace by unseen hands
  * Feelings of being watched
  * Footsteps or tapping in the night that cause you to feel afraid
  * Concerns that your home or workplace may require an exorcism
  * Accidents happening to you or visitors to your home or workplace
  * Feelings of something touching you, like "cobwebs", or of being pushed
  * Hearing voices, maybe your name being called
  * Static and/or crackling noises
  * A pet behaving strangely, as if seeing or hearing something unseen to you (perhaps bristling and staring or hair standing on end)
  * A pet refusing to go into a certain room or slinking around corners as if checking things out.

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the above, and wish to apply for yourself or on behalf of someone close to you, we can help clear you (or a 3rd party) or your home of energies that have a negative influence with our Spirit Releasing and/or Space Clearing work.